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Stay Comfortable this Summer, Even with Varicose Veins
July 7, 2017
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If you’ve spent a few years with varicose veins, you know that some seasons are more comfortable than others – and summer isn’t a breeze.

But with some special considerations, you can make sure that the warmer months don’t heighten your discomfort. By giving your affected limbs a little extra care, you may even be able to improve varicose vein-related symptoms. In fact, these summer tips could be your motivation to seek out professional care for problem veins.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, you can learn more about vein treatments and receive an assessment of your veins. Dr. Muasher will help you discover a treatment option that fits your needs and brings relief to your legs. Book yours today.

Hot Weather Tips for Varicose Veins

The summer should be a fun and relaxing time – whether you have varicose veins or not. Try the tips below to feel more comfortable and confident (even when your legs are showing) –

  1. Keep your body cool – When your body temperature rises, the heat can dilate the veins. If you already experience vein-related pain or other symptoms, they may intensify due to this heat. Many patients report additional aching or tenderness. How can you cool down if you don’t have access to A/C? Be sure to wear loose, cotton clothing – the fabric is more breathable than synthetics and flowing cuts will avoid restricting your limbs.
  2. Hydrate – Many of us could do well to take this tip during the summer (not to mention the rest of the year) – we’re likely to be dehydrated. Drinking water and other fluids throughout the day, rather than just in the morning and at night, will help cool down your body. This can also help improve your circulation to keep blood flowing in a healthy direction.
  3. Get on your feet – While it may seem counterintuitive to get active when your legs are already feeling more tender than usual, regular exercise can help reduce symptoms. Make sure your workout is low-impact – try swimming, walking or biking. Do you have a job where you spend most of the day sitting? Try to avoid crossing your legs, and periodically rotate your ankles and flex your feet throughout the day. Routine stretches help to improve circulation and reduce pressure in the legs.
  4. Wear compression stockings or socks – These garments are widely available at medical supply stores, and come in a range of colors / neutral tones. Depending on the color, you may be comfortable wearing stocking under shorts in complementary shades. Sundresses and long, loose cotton or linen pants are ideal for hiding stockings if you would prefer.
  5. Use sunless tanner – If you feel self-conscious about your veins’ appearance, self-tanner will help cover the offending veins. When your legs are slightly darker, blue or purple veins are less noticeable. This is especially helpful if you’re anxious about wearing a swimsuit for an upcoming trip. You don’t need to risk sun damage to get tanner legs – follow instructions and don’t overdo it, and your sunless tanner can achieve natural results.
  6. Elevate your legs – One of the reasons varicose veins tend to form in the legs is because of gravity’s effects, leading to the weight of the body putting pressure on those extremities. You can reduce these harmful effects by creating a setup that allows you to elevate your legs while you’re sitting down. Put a stool or ottoman next to your couch, and place pillows under your feet when lying in bed. Elevation can offer relief from varicose veins.
  7. Consider your diet – If you’re eating an excessive amount of salt, this may be causing water retention. This increases the volume of blood flowing through your veins and increases pressure. If your diet has led to a weight gain, finding ways to reduce unhealthy foods and lose weight can also help soothe varicose veins by relieving pressure.

You can enjoy the summer with varicose veins – it’s all about listening to your body and giving it what it needs. If you’re interested in professional vein treatments, Dr. Muasher is accepting new patients. Simply schedule a consultation to meet with him and learn more about your options.


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