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Why Do I Have Bulging Veins on My Hands?
September 24, 2017
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Our hands are so prominent – and if we’re unhappy with their appearance, we can end up fixating on them throughout the day. After all, the back of your hands are pretty much always right there in front of you, especially if you spend your workday at a computer.

When veins on the backs of your hands become prominent, they can sap your confidence and make you feel self conscious. If you have bulging hand veins, don’t resign yourself to hiding your hands away. Learn more about the causes of these bulging veins will help you determine which ones might be playing a role in your life.

If you’re ready for professional help, get in touch to schedule an assessment with Dr. Muasher. Don’t feel trapped by bulging veins.

Causes of Bulging Hand Veins

For most, noticeable hand veins are actually healthy. These veins carry depleted blood from the hands back to the heart. Unlike bulging veins that take hold on the legs, bulging hand veins are usually not diseased. Rather, the skin on the hands thins and becomes less elastic as we age. The veins show through the skin more easily and can appear especially blue or seem to bulge out from the hands.

Aging happens for us all – but some see more noticeable changes than others. While it’s always valuable to wear sunscreen and protect your skin, this may not impact the appearance of your hand veins. Sun damage does affect the skin’s elasticity, but it will likely still thin as the years pass.

Hand Vein Risk Factors

There are some specific lifestyle and genetic factors that make it more likely for you to experience bulging hand veins. These include:

  • Your age – As we mentioned earlier, the skin changes as we age. Loss of elasticity and overall thinning put our veins on display a bit more than we’d like. Because of the vein placement on the backs of the hands, these are especially noticeable areas. For most people with prominent hand veins, the aging process is the primary cause of the blue or purple bulges.
  • Your exercise regimen – During exercise, blood pressure in your arteries increases. This forces plasma in the blood to pool around the muscles, and the muscles to swell and become harder. When this happens, the veins are pushed closer to the surface and they become more visible and bulge. Those who take part in heavy exercise are more likely to see bulging veins take hold in the long term. If you lift weights, it’s especially likely that the appearance of your veins will be more noticeable.
  • A hot climate – Heat tends to cause the veins to enlarge, making it more difficult for the valves within to function properly. If you live in an area that is typically warm, you may notice your hand veins looking prominent on a regular basis (and worse on hotter days).
  • Vascular disease – For some people, bulging hand veins can be caused by vascular disease. This is why it’s a good idea to check in with a cardiovascular surgeon if your hand veins begin to bulge over a short period. As you age, your veins can stretch, causing the valves that ensure proper blood flow to malfunction. These valves are then unable to prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction, and pooling in your veins. The veins become enlarged, blue and painful – these are varicose veins. If your hand veins are swollen or tender, the underlying issue may be vascular disease and you should seek treatment.

Hand Vein Treatments

For most people with bulging hand veins, the issue is cosmetic and not related to vascular disease. But that doesn’t mean treatment is not available. A cosmetic problem is still a problem – if your hands are making you feel self-conscious, learn more about your options. Bulging hand veins can prematurely age you and that’s never appealing.

There is a variety of treatment options for bulging hand veins, whether they are cosmetic or related to vascular disease.

  • EVLT – Laser vein therapy send laser energy through a problem vein to cause the walls to collapse. The vein then seals off, and its appearance improves. EVLT is a straightforward procedure with only minimal downtime, and is extremely effective.
  • Sclerotherapy – Sclerotherapy is the more traditional vein treatment and has been administered for many years. Your physician injects problem veins with a sclerosant, a solution that irritates the vein lining and causes the vein to collapse. This prevents blood from flowing through that vein and improves its appearance.

Before setting your mind on a specific treatment, it’s important that you meet with a cardiovascular surgeon and have a vein assessment completed. This exam will determine whether your veins are healthy and blood is flowing properly. Treating your bulging hand views today will improve their appearance, and help safeguard against the bulging growing worse in the future.


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